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The Unending Square

The Unending Square: Disjunctions and Cospacing for Coworking
M'Arch #4 Architectural Design Thesis (Part 2 of 2)

This is a continuation of the thesis project for M'Arch Semester 4 at Taylor's University. Part 1 of the Thesis here! 


Involvement : Architectural Thesis Part 2 of 2
Idea : Disjunction and Cospacing for Coworking
Location : Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur
Building Program : Coworking spaces (hotdesk and fixed), Event, Utility, Amenity, Retail, Storage and various servicing spaces.
Gross Floor Area : 6300 sq.m.
Date : July 2018
Supervisor Ar. Lee Cherng Yih @


More detailed process about the design and the making of the drawings to be updated in the consequent weeks here and Instagram! >>
Wished to be able to write down and document the thought process, challenges, and experiences I face undertaking this architectural thesis in detail soon.

If there is any question regarding the thesis project or is there any aspect I could improve on, do leave a comment here or pm me. Hope the post is helpful and thank you for visiting!

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